Poland is the third biggest exporter of chocolate in Europe

On the occasion of world chocolate day on April 12, Eurostat published data on the export of chocolate in all its varieties, from plain bars, through white chocolate, to bars with alcohol, fruit or nuts. These data shows that Poland is already the third largest exporter of chocolate in Europe. Ahead of us are only the Germans holding the first place and the Netherlands occupying the second position.

According to Eurostat, Germany exported 680,000 tons of chocolate in various forms last year, the Netherlands – 322,000 tons, and Poland – 285,000 tons, which gives a 28% share in all exports to Germany, 13% – to the Netherlands and 12% – to Poland.

The data on chocolate exports was divided into two areas: the European market and the third markets. 

In the export of filled chocolate bars, Poland ranks third with a result of 35,700 tons. The leader in this category is the Netherlands, which sends 97,200 tons of chocolate to the global market. Germany is second in the ranking, with a result of 61,400 tons.

Eurostat data also shows the strength of the European internal market, EU countries trade with each other nearly 480,000 tons of filled chocolate annually. And here Poland also stands on the podium with 48,200 tons, the Netherlands in second place with 124,000 tons, and Germany on first place with 127,000 tons.

Poland exports the largest amount of chocolate to Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. However, the most important partner is the United Kingdom, which in 2022 received 15% of our exported chocolates.

„An important advantage of our country is still price competitiveness in relation to other large producers, which supports the rate of development of our exports.” – says Grzegorz Rykaczewski, Bank Pekao Food Market Expert.

Previously, Russia and Ukraine were also significant importers, but due to the outbreak of war, the export to these markets decreased drastically. Instead, Polish sales to Turkey and the USA have increased.

In total, EU countries export 269,000 tons of filled chocolate to the global market, 146,000 tons of plain bars and candies, and 80,000 tons of chocolate with nuts or fruits.

The European Union is doing very well on the market and is therefore the largest producer of chocolate as well as the largest importer of cocoa beans in the world. Europe imported over 2.2 million tonnes of cocoa beans in 2021 from South America.


Author: Patrycja Bodzek-Kurzyńska

Photo: Pushpak Dsilva/Unsplash

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