This artist conquers the world with Polish cuisine jewellery

October 27, 2019

We are presenting to you an exclusive interview with Katarzyna Hetman, a designer of jewellery inspired by Polish food and delicacies. You’ve probably heard of or had the pleasure to taste Polish pierogi (a type of dumplings) or other popular dishes, but do you know that now you can also wear them in the form of necklaces or earrings? Where did the idea come from and how does Katarzyna promote Polish cuisine by placing them on people’s fingers, ears and necks? Find out by reading our interview.

BP: Could you say a few words about yourself and your brand? Where do you come from and how long have you been designing jewellery?

KH: My name is Katarzyna. I was born in Katowice but I grew up in Sosnowiec.

My adventure with jewellery began about 3 years ago and I have been creating jewellery under the Hetman Jewelry brand for the last two years. I am a one-person company, a brand, an artist, a manager, a supplier and my own greatest critic (laughter).

 BP: Where did the idea of creating jewellery referring to Polish cuisine come from?

KH: That might seem like an easy question, but it actually isn’t (laughter). To answer it, I will start from the beginning. In 2017, I created my début collection, ŚLĄSKIE, inspired by the Śląskie Voivodeship, its architecture, usual surroundings, images that accompany me every day. Then came the novoŚLĄSKIE collection which introduced a new approach to charcoal. The Silesian potato dumpling [kluska Śląska] was the centrepiece of the collection. People liked the idea very much and I think this is one of my most popular designs. I began to think about what the current jewellery market has to offer. Apart from great artists, I keep seeing the same designs everywhere, such as the infinity symbol or dream catchers, in slightly different variations, but still representing the same thing. The world that surrounds us, everyday life and its shapes is what I transform into jewellery And that’s exactly what my jewellery is about. It refers to what I love – everyday space, food. And that’s how a tasty alternative emerged, my sweet rebellion filled with poppy and cranberries. Jewellery is something we can use to express ourselves, it’s not just an accessory. It creates emotions, puts a smile on people’s faces. It’s intended for people with a sense of humour who take life with a grain of salt, who enjoy cooking or simply eating.

BP: Is it possible to order your jewellery from any place in the world?

KH: Yes, the jewellery may be ordered through my website and my Facebook page. In the upcoming days, a website in English will also be launched. The information will surely appear on my Facebook fanpage.

BP: Polish cuisine is praised by everyone but at the same time is not as well known worldwide as, say, the Italian or Chinese are. What do you think is the reason behind that?

KH: I think the reason is very simple; it’s been only a few years since flight tickets to Poland have become available in good prices and since we have been promoted abroad as a good holiday destination. The world has only started to get to know us. More and more people visit Masuria, our lake district, and the Tatra Mountains. And tourism is always connected to the recognition of the local cuisine. After all, our Pierogi are known almost everywhere and more and more Polish restaurants emerge abroad, e.g. my friends opened a Pierogi Bar on Koh Rong island in Cambodia. That might seem like a surprising spot to choose, and yet their bar has become very popular among both the locals and the tourists.

BP: What designs do you currently offer? Not everyone in the world knows what Silesian potato dumplings are, so could you tell us a few words about what these traditional Polish foods are made of?

KH: Practically all of my designs are available on the website. Both the existing collections and the latest one, inspired by Polish food, that is, Silesian potato dumplings, pierogi, pretzels and oscypki [smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk exclusively in the Polish mountain region]. If we are out of stock of any particular design, we address that shortage as soon as possible. Of course, in the pre-Christmas season, some designs might be unavailable. Over time, various new designs will appear in our offer.

I’m a big fan of Silesian potato dumplings and personally I think that they might overshadow pierogi (laughter)! Gumiklyjzy, or kluski śląskie that is the Silesian dumplings, a regional food known all over Poland, are a kind of potato dumplings with a hole in the middle, made with a finger. A dumpling has to have a hole in it! Usually, they are served as an addition to baked meat dishes and topped with sauce which fills the holes. A traditional Silesian dinner consists of Silesian dumplings with a roulade and red cabbage. They can also be served as the main course with pork rinds or as a sweet version with cream, sugar or jam. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it?

BP: Absolutely, you’ve already made me hungry! Good luck with your business!

KH: Thank you and all the best to you!

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