A Hero to remember – F/O L W Paszkiewicz, one of Churchill’s Few

September 27, 2020

Ludwik Witold Paszkiewicz was born on 28th October 1907 and served in the Polish Air Force before the war. After the fall of Poland he escaped to France where he flew with the Armee de l’Air in Groupe de Chasse III/2.

Escaping to England, Paszkiewicz joined 303 Squadron at Northolt on its formation on 2nd August 1940. On the 9th he wrecked Hurricane P3645 in a taxying accident.

Paszkiewicz is buried in Northwood Cemetery in London

He shared a Me110 on the 30th. This enemy aircraft was shot down whilst Paszkiewicz was on a training flight. He broke away from the squadron formation to attack it.

Back at Northolt he was reprimanded and then congratulated.

Shortly after this incident 303 was declared operational.

On 7th September Paszkiewicz claimed two Do17’s destroyed, on the 11th a Me110, on the 15th a Me109 and on the 26th a He111.

L. W. Paszkiewicz is remembered on the Polish Air Force Memorial at Northolt

He was shot down and killed on the 27th. His Hurricane, L1696, crashed at Crowhurst Farm, Borough Green. Paszkiewicz is buried in Northwood Cemetery and remembered on the Polish Air Force Memorial at Northolt.

He was awarded the VM (5th Class)( gazetted 23rd December 1940), the KW (gazetted 1st February 1941) and the DFC (gazetted 30th October 1941).

On 29th September 2018 the Shoreham Aircraft Museum installed a memorial at his crash site at Crowhurst Farm

Source: bbm.org.uk

Pictures: bbm.org.uk, British Poles, www.shoreham-aircraft-museum.co.uk


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