Witness of War – a remarkable project to promote the role of Polish soldiers during WWII

October 13, 2019

Witness of War is an initiative which has been developing in the UK over the past year with the aim to promote the role of Polish soldiers during World War II in the minds of British public. The first phase of this project is to produce a documentary about Polish War Veterans who took part in fighting for Britain and settled in the United Kingdom after the war has ended. Stories from these heroes will paint a picture of Poland before WWII, their time during the war as well as their struggle to find themselves in a new environment after May 1945. 

Below is an excerpt from the synopsis.

“In the immediate post-war years of Poland, the emerging Soviet-Union influenced communist rule is challenged by opposition groups, of whom thousands are pursued by the Ministry of Public Security and executed. The sovereign state, with the fourth largest army in the war, who suffered the greatest losses and was the only one to fight in the conflict from the first to the last day becomes enslaved. Without the Polish perspective one cannot fully understand the course and consequences of World War II. Without the perspective of Polish soldiers forced out of their state it is hard to understand the course of Poland after the World War II.”

Witness of War plans to carry on capturing stories of Polish Veterans who fought for Europe’s freedom across the globe. There are still hundreds of soldiers who never got a chance to share their story. Future episodes will focus on Polish soldiers who immigrated to the USA, Canada, Australia and Siberia. The project is currently looking for partners and sponsors who will help to make this vision a reality.
Lili Pohlman, a Holocaust surviver
“We are very determined to give a voice to individuals who struggled to fit in. They couldn’t go back to their country and had to fight for recognition in their new home. This is a story many of us can relate to” says Krzysztof Łukaszewski – Witness of War author and producer who has been living in Britain for the past 13 years.
Jana Stangryciuk, a rear gunner in 300 Squadron,
“Their stories will be supported by interviews with the younger generation of Polish immigrants which is now helping to shape the narrative of Poland on the world stage.” adds Marcin Olczak – young and talented director of the upcoming series.
Ludwik Jaszczur, 2nd Polish Corps of General W. Anders
The project is supported by Kinga Klimecka – 23 years old photographer who came to the UK when she was 9 years old and sees Witness of War as an opportunity to educate her generation about otherwise unknown heroes.
Antoni Grudzień, 2nd Polish Corps of General W. Anders
The upcoming pilot will be distributed to major British broadcast networks as well as leading on-line streaming providers.
Portal British Poles is a media patron of this project.
Krzysztof Łukaszewski, producer Witness of War
Pictures: Witness of War

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